Be an integral part of our Incredible PLACE.

Our vision : For Port Stephens to be recognised as NSW leading tourism destination.

Our purpose : To double visitor expenditure to $1 billion annually by 2030.

Destination Port Stephens’ primary role is to develop and implement destination marketing programs. Due to the significant impacts of COVID-19 our programs in 2020-21 are required to be flexible and adaptable. Co-operative marketing opportunities are available for members to participate to promote their product or experience.

Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors globally however is also one of the most competitive. For Port Stephens to secure an increased share of visitors we need to work in partnership with industry stakeholders to drive increased visitation and economic benefits. Port Stephens is not just competing with other regional NSW destinations for visitors as consumers have a wide choice of domestic and international destinations offering a variety of appealing experiences and competitive pricing.

By working together we can have a thriving and sustainable tourism industry and achieve our goal to double visitor expenditure to reach $1 billion dollars annually by 2030.



If you are in the tourism industry or an associated business that derives indirect benefits, we encourage you to join and partner with DPS and more than 200 members and gain access to a range of benefits and partnership marketing opportunities.

*Excludes GST and is subject to change.

*Membership is based on a financial year. If you join:

  • More than 6 months prior to the end of the financial year – full membership fees apply ($200 plus GST).
  • Less than six months of the end of the financial year you can opt to pay pro-rata ($50 per quarter) plus the next financial year membership fee at the time of joining e.g. join in January the fee will be $100 to end June plus $200 for next financial – total $300 plus GST for 1.5 years membership.