Participate in Familiarisations

Destination Port Stephens hosts around 80 famils each year. Some generated from DNSW, others from Tourism Australia and many through own efforts in domestic and international markets. Famils give you the opportunity to show off your product first hand allowing journalists to write stories on their experience, providing wholesalers with education on the product available to sell and most importantly, providing an opportunity to showcase all that is on offer in Port Stephens. Our team at DPS work very closely with our operators to ensure the best experience suited to the needs of our famil clients. There is no cost for participation in famils, however, the hosting of the clients is generally at your cost. If you are interested in hosting famils email for more information.

Visitor Guide

I would like some more details about appearing in the Port Stephens Visitors Guide-

Port Stephens Map

I would like more details about appearing in the Port Stephens Map –

Domestic Consumer Show Support

If you would like to apply for assistant either financial or in-kind to attend consumer shows please contact

Port Stephens Visitors Guide and Flipbook

…you’d be flippin’ mad to miss it.

The Port Stephens Visitor Guide is the number one piece of promotional material used by Destination Port Stephens.

The magazine is a full colour, high quality publication, produced annually. The publication provides a range of information on things to see and do in Port Stephens, the history of the area, interesting bits of information plus advertising and listings for member businesses.

Advertisers will also have their ad, listing and an active link direct to their website included in a high quality, digital flipbook that will be distributed via the consumer website, social media and online marketing campaigns. The flipbook works like an online magazine where you can flip through the booklet, is suitable for tablets, smartphones and PC and can be updated with enriched content such as video.


  • All Visitor Information Centres in Port Stephens
  • Most NSW Visitor Information Centres and some interstate centres
  • Port Stephens consumer website where the guide can be downloaded or viewed as a flipbook
  • Mailed to all consumer requests to Visitor Information Centre
  • Domestic Consumer Shows
  • Industry trade shows for M.I.C.E. and International
  • Selected Hire Car and Camper Hire Outlets
  • Destination NSW – reference supplies held in the Sydney office and in eight worldwide offices distributing to media, trade and consumer enquiries
  • Most hostels and hotels in Sydney
  • International travel missions
  • International, M.I.C.E. and domestic familiarisations
  • Handed out to arrivals by most accommodation houses in Port Stephens including Holiday Letting Agents
  • Used by Port Stephens Council Economic Development Unit
  • Provided to conference delegates visiting Port Stephens


Website and Banner Advertising …eric banners

With an average of 95,000 unique visitors per month, all looking for information on where to stay and what to do in Port Stephens, the website banner advertising represents some of the best value digital advertising going around and can help you increase bookings and revenues for your business.

Banner advertising for all bookable product must be linked to your BookEasy listing.


Digital Marketing Overview

…something to tickle your pixel

With the dramatic changes in technology and consumer behaviours; the way in which visitors research, choose destinations and purchase travel, products and services, there is no doubt that has become the most important marketing asset we have as a destination.

Regional websites like are more often than not, the first place potential visitors head to when searching for relevant, unbiased and trusted information on a destination.

The Destination Port Stephens consumer website generated an average of 95,000 unique visitors per month during the 2014/15 year. These are people searching for information on accommodation, tours, restaurants, transport and events specifically related to Port Stephens.

Destination Port Stephens continues to invest significantly in both search engine optimisation and improvements and updates wherever possible and we have a determined focus to ensure BookEasy booking engine becomes the number one site for Port Stephens accommodation, tours, activities and attraction bookings.

The Port Stephens Blog …oh my blog!

Destination Port Stephens have launched a blog as part of the consumer site.

This blog will be used to provide up-to-date, relevant content that will be cross promoted via the website and through social media channels. Blogs are an effective tool for communicating useful insights and more detailed information to residents, visitors and potential visitors.

A blog is not used for direct advertising as such, but more as way to start conversations and share information on the destination. Think about using the Port Stephens blog for promoting a seasonal menu change at your restaurant, outlining an addition to your tour program with the use of multi-media or asking a valued guest to outline a first hand experience of your accommodation.

Blog entries can also be shared to your website and promoted through your social media channels.

If you would like to be included in our blog with a professionally written and produced article with 350 words, a maximum of four images and direct link to BookEasy listing contact us

Web Hot Deals …’cause some like it hot!

If you’re looking for a way to promote a really great deal, or you have excess inventory that you would like to move, the web hot deals can work for you.

The home page of will have a link to special, one-off deals that you can be part of.

The hot deals will be promoted via the web, social media, PR and where possible, print advertising.

The deal is though, they must be really special offers, they are exclusive to BookEasy and they can only have a minimum validity of one month.


Business Events

Port Stephens offers an ideal destination to attract the business & events market; one which can offer high yielding returns in traditional low and shoulder seasons for ALL sectors in our industry.This prospectus identifies activities for three submarkets including regional, corporate (interstate and intrastate) and industry and it is YOUR heavily subsidised passport to securing business.

In 2011, business events accounted for $10 billion nationally. In NSW, a total of 2.2 million domestic travellers visited regional areas of the state for the purpose of ‘business’and stayed 5.8 million nights and spent pent $706 million. Business travel represented 12.9% of visitors and 9.7% of nights.If you are interested in participating in our business events marketing please see our Business Events page for further details.